Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Paranormal Must Read

From a place you might not expect it, too.

I've been a fan of Jan Burke's work since 2001 when I read my very first Irene Kelly mystery.

Funny story, Burke has relatives in my old neck of the woods and I was telling a customer about this fabulous mystery I'd just read (Flight), when she revealed that she was Burke's cousin. Later, I ended up working with another one of her relatives.

Last year, Jan Burke broke away from her series with the release of The Messenger, a mystery/thriller with a supernatural twist. I was a little worried, I gotta admit. I knew that Burke was a great writer, but what if I ended up let down because I really wanted to get back to Irene's story? No fears, readers. I am here to tell you that it completely lived up to my expectations and more. In fact, it even earned a starred review in PW, a big deal.

So, without further adieu, here's a bit about the book to whet your appetite (my review as posted on Bookbitch.com):

In 1815, Tyler Hawthorne was a soldier fighting against Napolean at Waterloo. He was in his early twenties. He still is today. On the brink of death, Tyler was offered a deal, if he were to agree, he would never grow old and he would never die. In exchange, he must walk the Earth delivering the messages of the dead. His trusty sidekick, a massive dog called Shade, a cemetery dog, is his constant companion. Problem is, the deal was never meant to be for longer than a few years. Course Tyler had no way of knowing this, and his would-be enemy was eliminated long ago, or so he thought. This entity has finally returned and is determined to gain back what was once his. Amanda Clark has only just met her newest neighbor, and after mistakenly assuming that the man is a con artist of the worst kind, she finds herself drawn to him. Unfortunately, Amanda’s association with Tyler lands her right in the middle of the conflict. The Messenger is quite different from what Burke’s fans may be used to with the Irene Kelly series. At its heart, though, the plot is all her and will please new and old readers alike. A fantastic paranormal thriller.

So it's Thursday. One day from the beginning of the weekend and another week almost at its end. Am I the only one who always feels like the weekend doesn't bring about a nice break, but just slightly hastens the beginning of yet another week? I'm working on it. Live in the moment, smell the flowers, that sort of thing. There's just always so much that I want to accomplish on the weekends and I can never seem to get it all done.


I also wish that adults still got a summer break like kids and students do. There's always, for me, an anticipation for the start of summer, and then I remember that it's really no different from the rest of the year, except for the gorgeous weather and the yearn for a swimming pool.


Minding Spot said...

Sounds like a great read! One I'm adding to the wishlist right now !!

Vickie said...

FLIGHT was my first Jan Burke! I loved that book. Will definitely be getting THE MESSENGER.

I am with you, my weekends tend to be more busy than the work week. DH keeps finding these projects! I am working swing shifts today and tomorrow, so my weekend is shot. I took yesterday off, but I spent most of it cleaning house. I do better when I am by myself on those chores. sigh....one of these days....