Friday, July 31, 2009

Music and Movies and Various Other Items -- I'm Feeling ADD

It's a shame that a grown (semi-grown) woman feels guilty for spending money! And eating (yep, we had pizza tonight). One of these days, I would like to be comfortable enough not to feel as though I might regret decisions later. Although, my Extreme Pizza order did make me very happy at the time. (If you have one of these in your area, I definitely recommend checking it out!)

Anywho, my lamenting is due to, and thanks to, my music purchase (download ongoing) of just a moment ago -- I think it's $10 well spent in spite of my comments above.

See, I'm exactly the person that advertising is made for. And I discovered today that my newfound, favorite radio station is no more. Not sure why, I have a feeling it's because mediocrity in the radio airwaves has once again become the rule, but that means that my own personal music selection must again be relied upon for my entertainment -- that and the 70s/80s stations. And while I'm still totally gaga over My Chemical Romance and Does it Offend You, Yeah (my last purchases before Vampire Weekend) and have recently dug out my Bloc Party and Interpol cds (hey, they become new again after a while), my collection needs some refreshing NEW new additions.

The new radio stuff just isn't doing it for me. And, for a while now, I've been finding music thanks to my fave tv shows and/or television commercials (iTunes and iPod commercials can usually be relied upon to spark my interest).

I found a new band today courtesy of a movie trailer. Here, is the link to the trailer for The Collector, I'll have to let you know later what I think of the movie itself, but the song in the trailer is super cool and the album rocks just as much.

The band is Nico Vega and the album was released earlier this year on MySpace Records. If you liked my earlier post about Vampire Weekend, this is the opposite end of the music spectrum in many ways. Loud, edgy, but still some explicit lyrics -- there are some more mellow (not totally mellow, just more mellow than others on the album) songs on the album as well, "Wooden Dolls," for one.

This just goes to show you how much of a difference a great song can make in the right place. See, the film in question, The Collector, is written by the same folks responsible for the latest Saw films, and while I'm always up for new horror films, I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of "torture porn." Weirdly enough, I love a good, hard thriller in the Mo Hayder vein, but these kinds of movies are usually my last resort. "Beast" kind of makes the movie look exciting and different in a way. In fact, I got so jazzed up about seeing it that I wanted to drag my other to the theater at 10:30 for tonight's last showing.

And actually, I'm amazed it's playing here at all. I've not heard of it until now and I'm usually very on top of these things.

Haha, I just remembered that I discovered Does it Offend You, Yeah from the Fast and Furious trailer, and it was the best part of the whole stinking movie -- well that and cute Paul Walker -- but the movie was not good otherwise, and I'm pretty forgiving in the fast cars action flicks category -- hey, I saw Torque at the theater, ok? Yeah, stop laughing.

Alrighty, I've digressed long enough. I figure you're probably thirsting for some good reading sountracks just as much as I am, though, so I have to throw these in every once in a while (and Nico Vega definitely makes great reading music in my humble opinion -- I tend to get book flashbacks when I re-listen to albums that I read to, which is why Stephen King and John Mellencamp are forever linked in my mind).

Remember to get your name in for the MJ Rose contest before end of day Sunday. I'll be drawing on Monday and notifying the winner then. And, as a bonus movie item, THIS is the movie I'll be first in line to see next weekend (and hoping it doesn't suck at all!). And, of course, a foodie like me won't miss Julie & Julia either. Guess this means a movie post is in order soon! If anyone sees Funny People, let me know what you think. And the movie Mike's been working on The Cove is playing in select theaters if you're a documentary person -- it's very disturbing, folks.

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