Monday, July 6, 2009

News and Stuff

Ok, not an official book post right now, but some different things.

First off, I hope you're all playing Tracy Madison's online scavenger hunt for a chance to win loads of fun stuff. Round 4 started today and the winner will be announced day after tomorrow. Check here for details.

Lori over at Lori's Reading Corner is giving away a copy of James Patterson and Maxine Paetro's Swimsuit. Dets here. Contest ends July 10.

And, I just got news that Orbit is throwing a fabulous "Awesomely Bad SFF Cover" blowout. Check here and add your 2 cents. Sounds super fun! And remember, Orbit is still offering a new $1 e-book each month. Here's the link for this month's read (and you can see what's coming up, too).

Tomorrow is my 28th (ugh, I wish it was 22 again for a while). I'm turning in my latest cookbook for design and then taking a day off of the diet to treat myself to some of the food I've been missing (Dennis's egg salad at Cafe Food for one).

Next week is out official move-in date at the new place. Official out date here is not until the end of the month so I'm undecided about internet and cable changeover dates, but otherwise we have plenty of time to drift over there with all our stuff. Just cross your fingers that I can begin putting some away for a rainy day.

Hope you all had a Happy 4th.


Cheryl said...

Even your news posts are very informative.

Get a big piggy bank that way you are showing hopes of saving lots.

Icedream said...

So tomorrow is your 28th Birthday???
If so, girl you have no clue how young that is to someone who hit her 40's!! Happy Birthday!
Thanks for all the great info and good luck on the move- I sure hope you don't get stuck offline for very long (or at all would be better) :D

Vickie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!