Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Sweet Taste of Romance

Today is Tracy Madison's official release of her second book, A Stroke of Magic, which follows her debut, A Taste of Magic (released in Feb.).

And I've decided to share a little secret with you: Tracy's giving away stuff! Yep. Check out her blog here for the details. Just to make you work for it, I won't tell you where you can get the answer (but it's kind of easy to find even if you haven't read the new book).

Now, I've read A Taste of Magic, and it's a really funny, light read with a nice blend of romance, gypsy magic, and chocolate. Yep, chocolate. The main character owns her own bakery. Mmmm, my dieting self is drooling just remembering that book. (Yeah, the food cravings are still that bad and probably will be much worse with my b-day right around the corner here.)

As you've probably guessed, I did review Taste for the BB this past spring, so here are my thoughts, from the site archives of course:

Elizabeth Stevens has admittedly not been having the best of times lately. Her ex, after revealing that he was leaving her for another woman, has hired Liz and her bakery, A Taste of Magic, to make his new wedding cake. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if Liz had had anything resembling a relationship of her own for the past year, but sadly she has not. So when her grandmother gifts her with magical abilities on her 35th birthday, Liz has a lot to look forward to. Turns out Liz is descended from a gypsy witch and her own power shines when combined with her baking prowess. Soon she’s whipping up a batter of revenge for her ex, lust for her hunky neighbor, and even a little confidence for her friends. But of course, Liz is about to discover that the old adage, be careful what you wish for, is ever so true, and it could be that her greatest wish is closer than she thinks. This contemporary romance debut with a sweet touch of magic is the first in a new series — a cute and light read.

Everybody needs some light reading sometime (I need it all the time, personally). This is one to curl up with and read straight through, and then move on to Elizabeth's sister's story in Stroke of Magic (Alice is an artist).

This book brings to mind that old movie with Sean Patrick Flanery and Sarah Michelle Gellar, Simply Irresistible, the one where her emotions affect the people who eat her food. It was cute, but I think I prefer Elizabeth's leading man to Flanery (sorry), maybe because he's a cop.

Anywho, check out Madison's site, enter to win, and good luck! Oh, and run out and grab Taste of Magic for a pick-me-up read (do yourself a favor and grab a sweet treat to go with it, you'll need it!).


Vickie said...

One of my guilty pleasure flicks is Simply Irrestible. I have TASTE on the WWBL, likely from your recommendation (just started noting where or who I get the titles or authors). I like a little light paranormal romance like this too.

Icedream said...

Thanks for letting me know about this contest. I sent my email, fingers crossed.