Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Little More About Me

I am seriously superstitious. I know I've mentioned that before, but I have this belief that if you don't want something to happen, then you don't speak of it. Mentioning it will immediately cause it to come to be.

One of my fears in renting is that you never really know who will be coming into your home when. When I was in my apartment, they could come in for repairs or bug spraying or routine checks whenever they wanted. In my last house, the landlord (I later found out) was coming in without any sort of notice at all to muck around the house, though he never really managed to fix anything. Then the pipe burst in the basement and there were workers in the house for all of a week, sporadically. Fortunately with both of these, I was working outside the home so there was less of a chance of my being there when someone came in.

Our current landlord is super antsy to rent this place. It's annoying really. Our lease gives us 60 days to notify her of our intent. She listed this place a full 6 months before our lease was up last time and no way was I dealing with 6 mos of walkthroughs. Fortunately, she agreed and took the listing down. Then we ended up renewing. This time, though, it was listed a full 3 mos early, 30 days before our own deadline to decide.

Now if you've gotten this far, then you've probably put a few things together yourself. Like the fact that I work from home here and have a fear of people walking in. Worst case scenario, someone coming in while I'm in the shower.

It happened.

I'm not lying. Last Friday we were set to go to the Harry Potter pre-screening for a There With Care benefit. Mike did some work for them and the tickets were in thanks. I had originally said if they could sell the seats that they should, but when they offered them anyway, I was pleased as punch. It was super cool to be part of it.

The day before, we received a call from our landlord that a potential tenant would be doing a walkthrough on Friday at 2:30. Just a few hours later (on Thursday) someone showed up, without the rental agency. Mike let him walk through while I called the agency to find out what was up.

First off, he was legit, but he didn't have a showing scheduled for Thurs. In fact, they didn't show any showing for Friday either. I spoke with the realtor person this guy was dealing with and she said that the times got scrambled and no one would be showing up on Friday.

So, their fault. Friday rolls around and I headed to the gym for a workout. When I got home, I did some work and got things squared away so that my hours were on track and I could go without any problems. And I hit the shower. As I'm stepping out, I hear the dog going completely nuts. Um, yeah. An agency rep showed up with two older men to do a walkthrough after all.

Seriously one of my worst nightmares come true. I was freaking pissed. And then I felt guilty all day for being such a bitch to them. Mike says I'm fine that they had to expect it considering it was there screwup to begin with and I did have to come down in a towel to find out what was going on.

Ugh, this renting shit is for the birds! I seriously can't take this anymore. On the one hand, you can say the worst has happened so I'm good now. On the other, I'm leery about taking an afternoon shower, so I have to kind of sit in the post-gym sweat all day until Mike gets home for fear of it happening again.



Cheryl said...

Can't say I am very superstitious but I can totaly understand about your fear of someone coming while you are in the shower.

Sorry that happened. It sounds like you made the right choice. Now you will have a place of your own with Mike where you make the rules and decide if you want to answer the door.

Unknown said...

I hate that! In CT they wanted to put one of those lock box things on the door so the realtors could come and go as they please. When I reminded them about my cat they agreed not to do it.

Jess said...

That completely sucks! I hope you gave the realtor a piece of your mind.

Vickie said...

{{HUGS}} I can empathize and I hope that it is the only incident.