Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When You Need A Lift

You know how some people are glass half full people and others are glass half empty people? Well, I'm more of an Oh my GOD what if that is the last glass of water in the world and someone comes along and knocks it over person. So I really don't take all of this mess that's been coming across the news channels lightly. In fact, I can't even watch the news because I don't have a therapist who can prescribe me the much needed valium it would take to allow me to stop hyperventilating over what I perceive to be the next cause of the end of the world. Yep, it's that bad.

So, I thought that I would take a couple days to recommend some funny reads. Some books that will help you out if you're in a funk like I am. First up on my list would be anything and everything by the perpetually sarcastic Mr. Christopher Moore. 

In spite of my boyfriend's many complaints, I have yet to work my way through the whole Christopher Moore collection, they are on the list though. I have, however, had a chance to read a handful of his books including my personal favorite to date, Dirty Job.

Here's my review from the Bookbitch.com archives:

Charlie Asher has a problem. He's just become a death merchant. Whenever a person dies, their soul is held in an item that was special to them. It is Charlie's job to find collect the soul vessels and help the soul along to its next host. Charlie doesn't know all of this quite yet, though. All he knows is that a seven foot tall black man in a mint green suit was leaning over his wife Rachel just before she died, leaving him to raise their newborn baby girl, Sophie, all alone and apparently, Charlie is the only one who saw the whole thing happen. Matters are more complicated when Lily, one of Charlie's employees at his secondhand shop steals his new instruction manual. Eventually, Charlie gets the hang of his two new jobs as dad and death merchant, but as time goes by Sophie begins to show some strange abilities as well -- any time she points at a person and says the word kitty, they die. Then, something strange happens. People stop dying. At the same time, fellow death merchants in the city are being slaughtered and sightings of strangely dressed skeletal creatures are occurring all over the city. Hilarity ensues as good and evil duke it out in the city of San Francisco for control of the universe. Each new Christopher Moore title is even better than the guiltiest of pleasures and will leave you wanting more.

It's super fun and guaranteed to have you laughing out loud. The even raunchier, Lust Lizards of Melancholy Cove would also be just as effective if you're looking for a little humorous relief these days. 

And, don't forget, tomorrow is the day I will announce the winner of the first grab bag giveaway. You'll need to check back to see if you won - remember, winner gets to pick the grab bag of their choice!


Serena said...

I've added the link to your review to mine. here's my link if you are interested:


Cheryl said...

Great review. I will have to add this one to the list to read

Icedream said...

I know this is my favorite Moore book too. (so far, I haven't read them all yet).