Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Food Post

So you all know that I am a total foodie. Makes dieting difficult, especially when my job is compiling cookbooks full of home-cooking recipes from B&Bs! I'm not required to test the recipes, but I can never resist trying a ton of them out. And, I just found out that my Georgia advances are in! Here's the pic. 

I also occasionally read Grub Street, the NY Mag food blog. I love it! There are multiple posts daily about anything and everything from which restaurant has tables available at 5pm to what celeb chef is mouthing off where, and even paparazzi pics of Top Chef contestants! I usually read every few days and catch up. It's addicting. It was also a pretty interesting read when I was actually in NY and surrounded by the places they were talking about. 

Anyway, I was reading yesterday about the Top Chef stuff, it's in NY this season so you know they're going to be all over it and I can't wait. I found a post, though, about food bloggers who have been getting more popular thanks to recognition by people in the industry. I posted a link a while back to one of the Gourmet Projects that I particularly like, now I've got to send you over to Smitten Kitchen. It seems some food bloggers have caught the attentions of Ms. Stewart herself and were featured on yesterday's show (I'm not a watcher). I read about it on a 9/12 post at Grub Street.

If you love finding new recipes, Smitten Kitchen is the place for you. I personally am looking forward to trying the Spiced Brownies! Ugh. A food addiction is a terrible thing not to take advantage of. If you suffer like me, share the wealth and cook for others!

Oh, and here's a couple of other things, food related, that I wanted to let you know about. If you watch Food Network, then you know that next week is the Great American Dine Out for Share Our Strength. Basically, if you eat at one of the participating restaurants between 9/21 and 9/28, part of your ticket will be donated by the restaurant to Share Our Strength. Just go here to find out what restaurants are participating in your area. Also, if you try out Ms. Smitten Kitchen's Spiced Brownies, purchase one of Kitchenaid's Susan G. Komen Cook for the Cure plates and join Pass the Plate. You purchase and register your plate online, make something for a friend and pass the plate. When your friend receives the plate, they register online and $5 is donated. They pass the plate, that person registers, and another $5 is donated, and so on. Cool, right?  

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