Monday, September 8, 2008

One of the Coolest Shows You Should Catch Up On

I know, I know. Most of you probably tried this one out of curiosity and "couldn't get into it." Am I right? I did the same. In the show's defense (and mine) it's kind of hard for me to get excited about anything that comes on FOX. They are by far the single worst network about canceling shows that haven't been given a fair shot. Drive, Firefly, Tru Calling, Freaky Links, the list just goes on and on. 

Seeing that The Sarah Connor Chronicles was coming back for a second season set my mind at ease just a tiny bit. I know some shows are hanging on a little longer because of the fallout from the writers' strike. I hope I'm not the kiss of death on this one now that I'm watching!

I am a HUGE fan of the entire Terminator franchise. I love, love, love the movies. My parents were a bit strict about rated R films when I was a kid, but I was watching Terminator at 13. I begged, I nagged, I finally won that battle. I hit the T2 ride at Universal and was happy as a clam. I knew, after walking out of Rise of the Machines that there would have to be another movie, and I am so glad that there is. I even went so far as to buy the novelizations by SM Stirling that came out in between movies 2 and 3. So I was totally psyched when I heard that they were making a tv show. I was a bit dejected to hear it was coming on FOX. I was super glad to find, though, that the DVDs are very reasonably priced. I rented the first and then went out and bought the set today. Buyer's remorse has set in, but we spent a good part of this evening watching the rest of the 9 episode first season. 

The show takes place in between T2 and Rise of the Machines. Summer Glau (Firefly/Serenity) plays Cameron, the latest Terminator to be sent back to help John Connor. Lena Headey (300 and The Cave) takes up Linda Hamilton's role as Sarah Connor, and Thomas Dekker (Zach from Heroes) plays the famous John Connor. The story begins with another attempt on John's life after Sarah makes the mistake of letting someone get too close to the two of them. She is engaged and decides to break things off and run, but her poor fiance doesn't know anything about her past. He goes looking for her and is ultimately the reason both the feds and the terminators are once again on the hunt. Cameron helps them and takes them to a bank where a weapon has been stored. Also stored is a way out - a way to 2007. Tired of running, Sarah and John decide instead to once again try to track down and stop Skynet before it is too late. 

I'm just loving it. I can't wait until movie four hits the big screen, but I'll be perfectly happy with weekly installments as long as they last. Season two premiers tomorrow night. 


Cheryl said...

I have never watched this show. I will have to check it out

Anonymous said...

I too am a serious fan of the movies and that's why I was reluctant to think about this series. Your post has wowed me! TV is no longer an option, but Blockbuster is. I think I can get season one...going to go look now. You've got me excited - thanks!


Becky LeJeune said...

Hope you like it as much as I did, J. Kaye. It really picks up in episode 2.

Anonymous said...

I did! And added it to the top of my queue. Thanks!!

Jenn's Bookshelves said...

I LOVE this series. Like many have stated, I was reluctant to watch the series. I figured it would last a few episodes and would die a miserable death. I was suprised, however, at how amazing the series is. Can't wait for it to start back up!