Thursday, September 18, 2008

Want Another?

I just got an e-mail from Doug Clegg and for a limited time, if you visit www.DouglasClegg.com you can read the full text of his horror novel, Afterlife, one of the fabulous Harrow novels. If you like it, you can click the link on his page to purchase a special edition put out by Cemetery Dance. 

Not sure how long this one will be available, so you'd better head over there now and take a look. And join his mailing list. He's got a ton of things that he offers to readers and he lets mailing listers know about them first. 

I just love this cover! As I said, Afterlife is one of the Harrow books, a creepy series about a haunted house and so much more. Browse around his website for a list of all of his titles, particularly the ones in this series. 

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