Thursday, September 4, 2008

How I Spent my Labor Day Vacation

So as you all know, I spent my weekend squeezing in some King time around my reviews books. It had to be done and I'm not sure why I allowed myself to wait this long. It was fantastic. Shot straight to the top of my favorite books ever list! It shares company with some well deserved titles, I think. 

Duma Key is the story of one Edgar Freemantle. Eddie made his mark as a big wig in the building biz in Minnesota. Life is good for the Freemantle clan until Eddie's truck, and Eddie, are smashed by a reversing crane. Eddie suffers multiple injuries, the worst of which include having his right arm amputated and the severe head trauma that he suffers. He's left with short term memory problems, a temper like no other, and months of physical therapy. Then his wife announces that she is leaving him. Edgar's docs suggest two things: 1. that he find something that he loves, and 2. a change of scenery. Edgar decides Duma Key is the place for him. He rents a home on the nearly secluded beach and begins to heal. Unfortunately, Duma Key is not quite the paradise that it seems. There is something evil lurking on the island. Something niggling at Edgar's brain, something that hasn't fully made itself known just yet. 

Agh! I am now suffering from the dreaded Stephen King withdrawal! It happens to me every time. I read one and I get totally sucked in and then it's all I want to read and nothing else quite compares. It dissipates after a while if I don't feed the urge that is. Trust me, I am sorely tempted to snatch up one of the few books I've been hoarding for moments like this. I'd like to reread Salems Lot or some of the short stories that I've not read yet. Ah, I may just have to wait it out, though. Just After Sunset is hitting shelves November 11. I think I can survive until then, and if not, I have the resources to keep me going. 

Until then, if you haven't read Duma, you need to. I just wish that I could visit Duma Key myself!


Icedream said...

I know! Didn't it remind you of his older works? I love King but I REALLY love King when he gets back to this old fashioned creepiness. I can't wait until Just After Sunset either. Did you check out his video series for N.?
It's at: http://www.simonsays.com/specials/stephen-king-nishere/#
if you are interested.

Cheryl said...

I will have to check out Dama Key

Becky LeJeune said...

Icedream, I can't wait for the new book of short stories to come out. I haven't been watching the video 'cause it'll just make me that much more on edge about waiting for the book! Course I'm totally craving more King now!