Thursday, September 25, 2008

Food Facts and Trivia

I am a trivia dork. Seriously, any information that is probably of absolutely no use whatsoever except maybe the amusement of bored friends or when drinking, is retained in my brain. Can I tell you important stuff, probably not. 

As I said yesterday, I am in the finishing stages of the FL cookbook, pre-editing that is. This is the part when I get to go through and pick filler info for short pages. Food trivia in other words. I have been known to throw in, for instance, the appropriate number of appetizers you should have per person if it is the only food you are serving (12, by the way) or the internal temperature of med-rare lamb (145, in case you were curious), and other curious facts like because cream pies are not reliant on seasonal ingredients, they are great for making year-round. 

I add tips and variations where I can, as well. I'm not required to test the recipes - they're supposed to be home-cooked recipes anyway so one would hope that they didn't make it up on the fly to send in, but I do have enough cooking knowledge that I can correct recipes that are missing ingredients or such. 

The only really bad thing about working on cookbooks is that I tend to work in a perpetual state of hunger. I'm a food junkie, all the new recipes that come across my desk are potential dishes to make for friends. I've tried quite a few and have others saved up for the future. My stomach rumbles the entire time I am compiling and editing, though. 

Anyway, just thought I would give you a little insight into my day. I'm back to researching the history of artichokes now!


Cheryl said...

I would find that hard too. Seeing all the different yummy sounding recipes and than wants to try them all out

Icedream said...

So you would know why a bakers dozen is thirteen when a regular dozen is twelve? Seriously, I have always wondered about that.

Becky LeJeune said...

So it looks like the term baker's dozen referred to the extra that was baked to make sure they didn't come up short - there were strict penalties for short weight, or coming in under a dozen.

Icedream said...

Thank you, now I know. If I am ever on Jeapordy I will lose but that is one question I would get correct! :D