Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Technology is against me today

It's been rough lately. I think I have a karmic black cloud hanging over me resulting from actions of past lives. I don't know. After an hour screaming at the computer earlier, I left to run some errands in preparation of my weekend away. Errands complete, hunger sated, and work seemingly done for now, I am ready for a nap. But, it's not to be! I have too much to do.

Before I can leave, I have to finish my reviews for the week. This is kind of a problem as I still have 2 books to finish and another to start! I don't feel confident that I can get a review done and e-mailed in while on my city weekend, but who knows. It's 4:30 now and if I start right this minute and don't sleep until I get on the plane tomorrow, then I think it might be doable. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, Jincy Willett's Writing Class should wind me down a bit. I've almost finished it and it's a pretty darn good read. It's sarcastic and funny - that much more so if you know anything about publishing, have taken any kind of classes lately, or have ever had the pleasure of taking a creative writing class.

Amy Gallup teaches a sort-of continued education creative writing class. It's her only real connection to the outside world these days. Fortunately for Amy and her class, though, some shred of human interest does remain, and she's disturbed when some of her students report strange incidents regarding the class. These incidents begin as mean pranks, but soon escalate to violence, and Amy becomes determined to discover the twisted mastermind and their motives behind wreaking such havoc. Willett's novel is a fine blend of sarcastic humor and mystery. A great read that, for me, succeeded where similar titles have failed.

This is a lighter mystery than most I have been reading lately, but it's really fun. I especially liked that each "writer" had their own voice which is what I mean by her succeeding where others haven't.

Ah well, off to read and pack - more on that later.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I have had a pretty shitty week as well.