Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Summertime!

I know a lot of readers are looking for lighter fare for the summer - me, my moods change so quickly and without any rhyme or reason, I can read whatever. I do enjoy fun and silly reads, though, and they are undeniably more popular over the summer months. In fact, I hold to the thought that fluff is a necessary part of life - you need something to help you get through all the stress of real life!

In just a couple weeks, some of the newest fluffy reads from the biggest hitters in the subgenre will be hitting shelves, including:

Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot - continuing the hilarious saga of my favorite big mouth, Lizzie Nichols
This Charming Man by Marianne Keyes - Irish chick-lit, although I have heard that this one is a bit more serious. We'll see.
And, of course, Janet Evanovich's Fearless Fourteen

I'm heading out for the weekend and will be taking some plane reads (review books) with me so I stay on track, and two of the above will be in my bag. Personally, I've been waiting to find out who Lizzie chooses since last summer so this is going to be good!

If you thought Meg was only for teens (i.e. you HAVEN'T been reading either the Heather Wells or Lizzie Nichols books) you are so mistaken. Queen of Babble is quite possibly one of the funniest books I have ever had the pleasure of reading (I mean, Bridgette Jones funny).

Here's my bookbitch review from way back when it first hit shelves. Hopefully you'll check it out and then you'll be just in time to join me in finding out which guy Lizzie will end up with!

The first in this new series for adults by Princess Diaries author, Meg Cabot, finds Lizzie Nichols in a bind. Lizzie has an awful habit – she can’t keep a secret. That’s the least of her problems when she finds herself broke and sleeping above the washing machine in her English boyfriend’s parents’ house. She quickly realizes that this relationship is not meant to be. Could it be the hideous Michael Jackson style jacket he insists on wearing? Or maybe it’s the fact that he lied about his job, lives with his parents and expects Lizzie to loan him money to pay his debts! Lizzie hops a train to France where she spills her own mortifying secrets the hottie sitting next to her. Normally, this would not be a problem. What are the chances that she’ll run into him again, right? Unfortunately, the hottie just happens to be her best friend’s boss! This hilariously sweet and cute novel is a refreshingly light and easy read.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and have bookmarked it - I really need some reading recommendations for the summer and you have already given me some great ideas! Thank you!

Becky LeJeune said...

Thanks, Lidian!