Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Cookbook Blog, Sort-of

So it's Father's Day and my folks are over at one of my many cousins' houses having a family reunion/dad's day get together. And I am here. Yeah. I'll be arriving home exactly one week too late to enjoy the party and what will no doubt be a hearty plethora of tasty cajun favorites.

I think the worst part about all of this is that in addition to not being able to be there, I also have not been cooking lately. It's no fun to cook something big all for yourself and Mike (my other) is all the way up in NYC. He should finally be home late Tuesday (just in time for us to pack up and drive across 4 states). So, I don't get to see anyone and I don't get to treat myself to some good food just yet either.

I'm a big foodie, in case you couldn't tell. And, I get bored eating the same things - that's why diets don't work for me! I eat according to cravings and I get really tired of leftovers. Cooking for Mike and all of our friends means that I don't have to do reruns all that often (it also means that my freezer stock of cajun faves is running low). So, the sandwiches I've been eating just about every day, in an attempt to not go grocery shopping while Mike is away, are really getting on my nerves; it's time for real food again.

Sure, sure I can cook for our friends and invite them over, but it's no fun without Mike. Since he's finally home in about 2 days (midnight Tues), I am planning on cooking something for his return. It'll probably end up being Wednesday 'cause I can't cook for less than four and I don't want him to have to reheat stuff that late (if he's even hungry).

I pulled out MY cooking bible so that I could begin planning for the occasion, it's a massive tome that Folse intended to be a coffee table book. They released all of the actual recipes on disc, but I already had my book. I just lug it over to the kitchen table when I use it, no biggie.

It's a good thing we're heading home soon 'cause I am going nuts craving some real cajun food that I don't have to cook for myself! Anyway, I'm thinking red beans and rice for Mike's return, although some crawfish etoufee would be fantastic! I need to clear some space in the freezer for all the stuff I plan on bringing home as well. Thank GOD for frozen care packages from home.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to tide myself over with canned soup and sandwiches for a few more days while I salivate over John Folse's recipes. See, the hunger is causing rambling!


Tez Miller said...

The bloke on the cover of that book...is he barefoot, and sitting amongst garbage? Is that the Louisiana way??? ;-)

Have a lovely day! :-)

Becky LeJeune said...

No, they're oysters. It's a famous photograph in LA, can't remember the original photographer. This is a copy with Jphn Folse in it. He's supposed to be shucking the oysters.

Becky LeJeune said...

More info: It's a 1933 photo called "The Oysterman." Not sure who it's attributed to and I am too lazy to run down and grab my 20 pound book at the moment. I'll try to see if the copyright has any info (for the curious).

You're silly, Tez. It's not the LA way to sit in a pile of trash, but I'm sure there are some there that do it - and I think they even came and shopped at the bookstore while I worked there! Course, there are some like that here in CO, too. So it's not exclusive to my home state.

Barefoot, on the other hand, is certainly the Louisiana way! I love going barefoot.