Monday, June 23, 2008

Just Checking In

Hey there. Still on vacation here. We made it across the dessert plains of Texas and got there in time for my other to attend the bachelor party at our friend's wedding. The next day was spent out by the creek while the boys played on the rope swing and swam (I am going to remedy the no swim suit issue this afternoon, but it's too late for the party!). Then we had some fantastic Texas BBQ. The wedding was the following evening at a small B&B in a tiny town outside of Austin. The ceremony was short and sweet and the reception was immediately after. No heavy drinking for us, though, cause we still had 5 more hours of driving to endure.

Anyway, haven't gotten as much reading done as I planned. Also hoping to remedy that! Finished up 8 In the Box by Raffi Yessayan and am reading Michelle Gagnon's excellent follow-up to last year's The Tunnels.

Planning a book shopping trip for Wed with the junior junkies, one of whom is devouring Jennifer Armintrout's The Turning as we speak (just the first of the box o' books I brought with me).

I see a Cajun Exterminator (pizza) on the horizon. Will check in again this week if I can, if not, I will return sometime on Saturday.


Vickie said...

Looking forward to seeing your review of Michelle Gagnon's next up. I can't wait to read that. Have fun vacationin'.

Cheryl said...

Glad to hear you made it here safe. Try to stay cool. I see you are still reading good books as usual

Cheryl said...

You have been awarded. Check out my blog to read all about it. Thanks