Monday, June 30, 2008

Packrat Becky, Almost Lost Books, and My Zombie Obsession

Back when I was in college, I started a strange sort-of organization technique with my books. See, I was living in a one bedroom apartment that was by no means my permanent housing situation considering the fact that I had BIG plans for my future (yeah, those have been kind of squashed what with another birthday looming ahead). In an effort to save space, I started boxing up all of my read books and carting them off to my grandmother's office for storage. Consequently, I left them there when we decided to move to CO.

I figure once I buy my first house I'll have to rent a small u-haul to bring them over, but until then I can almost handle the separation. I had to pop in while I was home last week and say hello to them, though, and reassure them that they are not headed for any garage sales. I figure I should have brought at least one box of them back, but instead I went through each one and took out a handful that I thought might interest Mike and that I wanted to re-read in order to catch up with some series. 

Anyway, I was searching for a particular book that I knew I owned but that I couldn't remember reading. I'm a horror geek, but there really just isn't much great stuff out there these days - it's very hit and miss, but I do have some that I haven't had a chance to get to yet that I am hoping will be rewarding reads. The book in question was a title called The Dead Shall Inherit the Earth by Vince Churchill. I went on a zombie kick a few years back and bought books like Simon Clark's Blood Crazy. It's this great book about an outbreak that turns all the adults into zombies and the kids are left to fend for themselves - even defending themselves from their own flesh eating parents! Clark's book is now out of print but I recommend tracking it down if you're interested at all in zombies. I also bought a book called Reign of the Dead by Len Barnhardt. I brought Reign home with me, but I couldn't find Churchill's title anywhere. 

Lost books really bother me. I can't stand losing a book. I don't generally trade things in for this very reason. It seems as though I will always be looking for that one missing book. Nope, I need them there when I want them and that means holding onto every single one for all eternity. Yeah, I'm a dork. 

Fortunately, upon returning home, I was able to track down my Churchill book. Now it sits on my shelf along with the Barnhardt title that I intend to re-read, David Wellington's Monster Island, and a couple of Brian Keene's earlier zombie books. 

Still, Blood Crazy and Stephen King's Cell remain two of my absolute favorite zombie books ever! Eli Roth is supposed to be directing a movie adaptation of Cell and I can't wait! Until then, I'll take my zombie fix any way I can get it and that includes George A. Romero's movies (and remakes), 28 Days and 28 Weeks Later, and of course, Shaun of the Dead (I have a little crush on Simon Pegg, too). I also have The Signal here to watch - I don't think it's zombies, but it sounds like it might be similar to Cell. We'll see. 

Ah well. Now that I have yet again revealed the depths of my dorkiness, I will head over to get some real work done. 

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