Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Packing for Vacation

I hate packing. Loathe, despise, and abhor it. Every time I go somewhere, I think that it's finally my opportunity to get some major reading in. I am trying not to look at this weekend like that because I know it's not true in this case. Mike has been working in NYC for two weeks and I am going up to see him. We're going to be doing the touristy stuff while I am there and even though I know I won't possibly last walking around every minute of every day that I am there, I have a feeling any down time is actually going to be nap time.

So, my reading time will be relegated to the 4 hour plane ride there and back plus the 90 minutes waiting in the airport prior to flights. Worst case scenario, there will be delays and that means more reading time in the airport.

This presents a major dilemma for me. First off, I'm in vacation mode. I've had Koji Suzuki's The Ring sitting on my TBR shelf since last fall (amongst the mass of other mating titles that continue to procreate). I have ARCs that need reviewing that should take precedence, but they're looking less and less interesting the more I want to read my Asian horro. I have limited luggage space, especially once you consider the books that I will be buying while I am there (1/2 priced books at the Strand and Otto Penzler's mystery store!). I also hate having lots o' stuff to keep track of at the airport and have been limiting myself to a Strand tote lately. Course this method only really works well when visiting the family because then I can just UPS stuff back to myself!

So, what's a book junkie to do? I figure I can bring 3 books tops. How do I choose? I go through this every single time I travel. Last time I went home, I brought 8 books! I was gone for 6 days. How many did I read? 2!

Ugh! I have to go check laundry now.

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Cheryl said...

Here's to lots of reading time, finding great book deals, and having a magical fairy who packs for you! LOL