Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some of This and Some of That

What the heck is up with the weather? I was loving the rain that we had but today I had to turn on the heater again. To make matters worse, not a drop of rain. Ugh! It's cold and I'm grouchy, what could be worse? Well, actually, plenty of things.

So Mike, my other, is off in NYC for the next few weeks and I am green with envy. He wants me to fly up but I am not sure when I'll have the opportunity - I'm hoping to make it for drinks with my fellow DPIers and the marketing whiz who led that portion of our class - who btw, has acquired a fab new satire due out late winter and has asked me to review it for the BB - more on that later. 

In the meantime, I am here, trying to stay warm (and awake). My day involved lots o' calls to the peach state and now I wait. Spent some time staring at all the books I want to read and wishing for at least 4 extra hours of each day in which I have no obligations. Yeah, right!

I finally started Anatomy of Fear last night and am hoping to finish it with enough time to spare that I can start another book tonight. See, trying to catch up. I blogged about Santlofer's genius a few weeks ago, but felt you guys needed a reminder - that is, if you haven't bought him yet. Why? Because the follow-up to Anatomy is due out next Tues. which means you have just enough time to run out and pick this one up so you're ready for the next installment. 

Other than that, I am thinking it's time to hit a hot bath and try to defrost! Am also thinking I'll catch the rerun of the second half of A&E's Andromeda Strain rather than the early one. 

The Strangers is due out this weekend and given the recent lack of rated R films coming out these days, it had so better be good. Seriously, the last rated R movie I saw was The Ruins. I know Rambo was rated R (and thank GOD they didn't cop out like the Die Hard folk did) and I should have that one in tomorrow. Other than that, I'm kind of at a loss as to what movies I've seen lately for the 17+ crowd. 

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Cheryl said...

Both this book and Blind Rage sounds good