Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Small Press You Should Know About

I was first introduced to Bleak House through their fabulous ad campaign. It was a page in Mystery Scene magazine, solid black with white words - Chick-lit is dead.

Then, I got an e-mail from the bookbitch asking if I would be interested in reviewing Libby Fischer Hellman's Easy Innocence and I was really excited. The book sounded interesting and, I found out that Hellman was going to be at Left Coast Crime.

While I was there, I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Brewer, another Bleak House author. I have a copy of his book Whipsaw, which he guaranteed that I would like it and said his latest, Cutthroat was similar in style and tone.

Edgar nominee Reed Farrell Coleman was also there, but I didn't really have a chance to meet him. I have yet to purchase the first book in his series, but he's supposed to be amazing. Many of his fellow mystery authors highly recommend his work.

Bleak House had three Edgar nominations on their list this year - out of 15 total releases. Sadly, they didn't win, but you do the math - I'd say things look pretty damn good for Bleak House. Ben LeRoy, the publisher at Bleak House and the man behind the titles published (not to mention company creator) has a taste for some of the grittiest of today's mystery releases, so you can be guaranteed that if you like one Bleak House book, you'll probably like many others.

Of their Summer releases, I have my eye on July's Children of Black Valley by Evan Kilgore, and next month's Old School Bones by Randall Peffer. The just released Yellow Medicine by Anthony Neil Smith is waiting for me on my bedside table and will probably be going on vacation with me later next month.

Bleak has just announced their fall list and you can check that out here. Lefty nominated Bill Cameron's next title, Chasing Smoke just happens to be on my list of must reads, and is just one title on the list. Cameron was another LCC attendee that I had the chance to meet.

Oh, and if you were curious, Libby's book was fantastic. Here's my review from Bookbitch.com:

When a teenage girl is found beaten to death in the woods, the police figure they’ve got an open and shut case. A local man, a convicted sex offender, was found standing over the body, covered in blood and holding a baseball bat. Georgia Davis has been hired by the man’s sister to find the real killer. The man in question is mentally challenged and, according to his sister, has never shown any signs of violence. Georgia also believes the man to be innocent based on the alarming rate at which the cops have been moving the case to court. Georgia, a cop on suspension, investigated a case only two years prior where a group of teens had been participating in a hazing ritual in the same place this girl was found. Her investigation turns over some rather disturbing information about these teens and their extra-curricular activities. She’s also ruffling some pretty important feathers and someone will do just about anything to make sure she keeps her mouth shut. Easy Innocence is a quick and intense mystery with a clever plot and a tough heroine. Georgia Davis one I hope we see more of soon. Highly recommended.


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