Thursday, May 29, 2008

Having a Bobbie Faye Day

I had plans for today. Really, I did. It turns out the day had other plans for me and they were kind of disastrous. For those of you who have had the pleasure of reading Toni McGee Causey's Bobbie Faye books, you'll know that my day is really nothing compared to that, but it was still up there as far as bad days go.

So, my day began with me arguing semantics with the CO DMV office. See, their website says one thing and apparently it's completely wrong. I was prepared for some arguing and, so, printed out the directions from their page. It didn't do me any good. 

After my adventures in the world of ineptitude that is the CO government, I returned home with some french fry therapy - yeah, trying to diet and then hitting the battered fries is not such a hot idea after the four shooters I had last night - having some stressful days lately. And, the bitchy girl on TOP CHEF makes for a great shots game!

Anyway, recovered from fry therapy with some Bobbie Faye therapy and began reading Bobbie Faye's Kinda Sorta Not Really Family Jewels. I should have stuck with it 'cause it was doing me some real good. I thought I would take a brief break, however, and do some yard work before walking our poor neglected pooch. Unfortunately, I was maimed by one of our lawn implements and had to call a friend to take me to get a thorough cleaning and tetanus shot - yes, I now know shoes are always required. 

Toe safely ensconced in layers of gauze and arm nicely sore from the shot, I returned home to find 27 Dresses finally on OnDemand and since the other is in NYC and my pride was hurt, I figured it was about damn time!

And now I will return to the misadventures of my fellow Lake Chuck chick - it will require a one-legged bath, but I will prevail!

If you haven't yet read Toni McGee Causey, I highly recommend them, even if you aren't having as bad a day as I am. Everyone could use some Bobbie Faye therapy! Oh, and Toni does for south Louisiana, and my hometown, what Janet E. does for the garden state. Bobbie Faye is one rockin' chick! Here's a bit to whet your whistle (my review of last year's Bobbie Fayes Very, Very, Very, Very Bad Day:

Today, Bobbie Faye was supposed to be presiding over the opening ceremony at Contraband Days - a festival held in Lake Charles, Louisiana that plays on the pirate history of the area. Then she was scheduled to meet with Social Services to show that she is a fit guardian for her niece. Unfortunately, Bobbie Faye is a walking disaster. No, really. Bobbie Faye awakens to find that her trailer has flooded thanks to the washing machine her no-good brother was supposed to fix. Then Roy (the no-good brother) calls to say that he has been kidnapped and his captors are going to kill him unless Bobbie Faye delivers her mother’s tiara to them. Her mother, the unofficial Queen of Contraband Days, wore the tiara each year in the parade and passed both title and tiara onto her daughter when she died. Why anyone would want the tiara is a mystery to Bobbie Faye but she’ll do whatever it takes to save her brother. When Bobbie Faye goes to the bank to get the tiara out of her safety deposit box, she ends up being accused of robbing the bank. The real bank robbers steal the tiara and Bobbie Faye has to force a man at gunpoint to chase them down and it’s only 10 am. Before the day is over, Bobbie Faye will have to deal with car chases, explosions, gun runners and more than one pissed off ex-boyfriend. This hilarious debut is an absolute must read. I couldn’t stop laughing. Bobbie Faye is fantastic and fun. 


Cheryl said...

Ooh I am sorry to hear about your mis-adventures but glad that you had a good friend in "books" to help you along the way

Lori's Reading Corner said...

And yet my friend had a really hard time with this book. Hmm.