Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow Days!

Oh the weather here is so nasty and the pets are silly and frisky! I'm freezing after falling in the snow while shoveling. Not sure what the exact measurement of snow over the past couple of days has been, but the drifts are as tall as our dog.

I have a house full of Halloween candy, one Battlestar Galactica disc that I've already watched, two cheesy horror movies that I haven't yet watched, and a stack of books that I want to get through. Oh, and only two more weeks of work left thanks to company downsizing, so that means absolutely no expendable cash. Good stuff.

Overall, it's been a strange few days.

Ah well, just wanted to give you guys an update. I'm reading nothing but horror for the next couple of days and will try and post again later today with a book review (gotta finish the book first).

Hope you all stay warm! And if you live somewhere warm already, well just know that I'm super jealous over here with my cold feet!