Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Finally Arriving!

Some of you might remember this post from last summer in which I expressed my extreme excitement that some of my favorite teen reads (LJ Smith's titles from when I was a teen) were making a comeback in snazzy new reprint editions for today's Twilight crazed market.

And I'm sure more than a few of you have done a better job than me at keeping up with the CW's Vampire Diaries series (I've got some serious catching up to do, or I'll have to wait until the DVDs hit next year).

I know my sister told me that there was a new Vampire Diaries installment hitting shelves, but somehow I managed to totally forget. Now, though, I have to snag my OLD copies of the first four titles back from the JJs so that I can refresh my memories and read said new book.

Even more exciting for us old timer LJ Smith fans, the final Night World book that taunted us as teens is finally supposed to be released next year. The "final" book in this series hit in 1998 with teasings of another installment, but here we are over 10 years later and Strange Fate has finally got a release date. Guess today's teens are more of a driving force in the market than my peers and I. I suppose it's better late than never, though, right? Guess I'll have to get those back, too.

My sisters have my whole LJ Smith box with all of her releases from back in my high school days. I believe my Janice Harrell books are in there as well. Man, I wish hers would make a comeback as well!

So now what I really want to see is The Secret Circle made into a really cool movie!

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