Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Horror Movies For Halloween

I've been searching for new horror movies and have had mixed results lately.

Each year, I like to find a brand spanking new (to me) horror movie for Halloween (and for any Friday the 13ths that roll around). This year, though, I'm having some trouble.

Sure I've watched plenty of horror lately, and I probably could have saved one or two of them for Halloween, so it's partially my own fault. I know of things that are coming out that I want to see (both on DVD and in theaters), but that doesn't help me in time for October 31st.

But I thought I would recommend some DVD releases for you folks, in case you were interested in tracking down your own scary movies for the night. So here goes.

Last year's pick was Shiver, a Spanish film that I am happy to say was indeed a great watch. You can read that post here. Definitely creepy and very well made.

And if you like that one (foreign horror with a kid protag), you should not miss Ghost House Underground's release from last year, The Substitute. I did a post on that one as well, so here's the link.

This year's Ghost House Underground releases included a couple of really good ones. The Children, a British flick about evil kids, and The Thaw, a gross-out eco-horror with some recognizable faces.

If bleak "torture porn" is your thing, I have to recommend Eden Lake, another UK film, this one starring Michael Fassbender (of Hex) and Kelly Reilly (of the latest P&P adaptation). It's a pretty gruesome one, though, so don't say you weren't warned.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are a couple of fun zombie flicks out on DVD that I've seen recently (fun as in Shaun of the Dead vein). Of course Zombieland would make the list, since it was freaking great, but it's not out on DVD. So, we go back to Ghost House Underground for last year's Dance of the Dead in which nerds have to save the day and save their classmates at prom from the living dead. Boy Eats Girl was satisfyingly funny and sarcastic for me as well.

In the slasher category, Cold Prey has to get my vote for best one in recent months. This one comes from Norway and was a pleasant (if a slasher film can be pleasant) surprise.

Some of the movies I'm waiting on:
Trick r' Treat, which is out on DVD but apparently so in demand that I can't get my hands on a copy.
Dead Snow another Norwegian flick, this one about zombie nazi soldiers that premiered at Sundance of all places -- not sure what the release date is on it.
Mutants a French film I've seen a trailer for, but can't find a release date on.
Triangle from the creators of Creep and Severance, trailer here.
The Descent 2
And a new Dorian Gray with Colin Firth! Trailer here.


Tez Miller said...

If you're into psychological thrillers, Coffin Rock recently got a 4-star review in a newspaper I read. Australian film, so may not get to the US for quite some time. http://www.coffinrockthemovie.com/

Becky LeJeune said...

Thanks, Tez. I saved it in my queue. Let me know if you hear of any others!

Jenn's Bookshelves said...

Thanks for the recs! I'm planning on having a horror movie marathon on Saturday night! I added a few to my list!

Cheryl said...

I have not heard of a lot of these movies but I will have to check them out.