Friday, October 23, 2009

A Cool Article -- Not Another Rant

Bloomsbury Review, a book magazine published locally here (in Denver), posted a link to a great article from the BBC about bookshelves.

I thought it was super interesting -- my bookshelves are very close to my heart and one day I'll own a home where I can have even more and display ALL of my books -- and I wanted to share with all of my book friends out there.

What do you think your bookshelf says about you?

I think my bookshelf perfectly illustrates just how much of a junkie I am! And yes, I snoop and peek at other people's shelves when I can. And actually, all of my "literature" is kept on a separate unit in my office so the public shelves are definite proof that I'm into 100% escapism, and most of it on the lighter side.

Bear in mind, this is just one section of my bookshelves (and they're doubled up -- one row in front, one in back). There's also another shelving unit, a smaller one, in my bedroom with my more immediate reading selections (and the bedside table is completely overflowing, too). I would love to have a nice organized, brightly lit "library" like Neil Gaiman's, seen here. Or a room full of snazzy designer shelving units like the ones I fell in love with when I bought my couch. One can dream, right?

Until then, I'll keep stacking and squeezing books in where I can on my industrial utility units. Note the big gap between the top two shelves, room for plenty more stacks : )

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Diane said...

Looks like you will not run out of reading material for a long long time:) enjoy