Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Popular Authors I've Never Read

I've decided to jump on board with Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week the topic is: popular authors I've never read.

I feel like this might make me seem like a bit of a snob but here goes:

1. Nicholas Sparks - never going to happen. Not at all my thing. 

2. E. L. James - um, nope. Another one that's just not my thing.

3. Robert Jordan - this one actually probably is my thing, I just haven't gotten around to him yet. 

4. Veronica Roth - I have the whole trilogy in my TBR waiting patiently for when I get the chance so this one is inevitable. 

5. Rianbow Rowell - Rowell is just another of the author's I haven't gotten to. I've heard wonderful things and do plan to read her very soon.

6. Stephanie Perkins - her book sound so amazingly sweet and I'm not sure how I've managed not to read her thus far. I keep picking them up!

7. John Green - yes, yes. I know he's the current must read and I've watched the trailer for the movie and I still haven't read him nor have I got any of his books in the TBR.

8. Jodi Picoult - I have tried. I think I give up on this one.

9. Jojo Moyes - I feel like this author came out of nowhere (she didn't, she has a long string of books to her name) but I missed her somehow. She's in the to read someday list.

10. Nora Roberts - probably not going to happen.


Anonymous said...

You might try Nicholas Sparks' autobiography "Two Weeks With My Brother". I was surprised by how much I like it.

Christina said...

I've actually read all but Stephanie Perkins and kinda E.L. James (well, actually I did try, so I think that counts), and I think you're pretty much on point for what to read and not read from your list. Sparks, nope.