Friday, March 14, 2014

Guest post by Amy Talkington

Good morning, everyone! Today I am pleased to be part of SOHO Teen's tour for Amy Talkington's debut Liv, Forever with a guest post from Amy herself!

Folks have been buzzing about Liv, Forever for ages now! Reps were raving about it here at Mountains and Plains last fall and it's been gaining more and more attention ever since. The book is finally out on shelves and I am pleased as punch to welcome Amy to the blog.

Take it away, Amy!

A few people have asked me where I wrote Liv, Forever. I love my writing space so I thought I’d share all the details with you!

When I had my first child five years ago, it prompted me to do what I’d long wanted to do: convert our old freestanding garage into my office. We live on a very steep hill and the garage is down the hill from our house, providing the perfect amount of separation from the main house—so I’m “home” but I’m not home.

I have a friend who is an incredible interior designer (like she helped do one of the Ace Hotels!) and she agreed to give me some advice on the space. I knew I wanted an “inspiration wall” somewhere and I knew I wanted bookshelves somewhere and of course I needed a desk but I wasn’t quite sure how to arrange it all. My friend had a brilliant idea: One complete wall of books. One complete wall of inspiration images. Put the desk right in the middle, so the images and the words meet in my mind. I love that idea, that I sit in between a wall of words and a wall of images and they meet at my desk, where I sit and type. I feel inspired by that concept every day, whether writing a screenplay or Liv, Forever (or a screenplay of Liv, Forever!)

The third wall (which is behind me) is filled with framed art and memorabilia—including a movie poster from the indie feature I wrote and directed The Night of the White Pants, the autograph I got from Andy Warhol at a book signing in 1985, and one of my old self-portraits.

Everyone has their own take on this, but I personally think it’s very important to create a serious work space for yourself—even if it’s just a closet! Make it your own. Make it inspiring. Take yourself seriously as a writer. Take yourself seriously as a creator. An artist. Surround yourself with ideas and inspirations. And write!

If you want to know all the latest on Liv, Forever follow me on Twitter @amytalkington and Tumblr http://amytalkington.tumblr.com/

Big, big thanks to Amy for being on the blog today and to the folks over at SOHO Teen for setting this up!

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