Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mark Henry News - the Return of Amanda Feral!

Big, big news, y'all! Mark Henry is back with more Amanda Feral awesomeness! The first of three new Amanda Feral e novellas is coming out April 7, so mark your calendars. Here's the official news release from Mark:

BEACH BLANKET BLOODBATH, the first book in the new Amanda Feral Trilogy (I'd be hesitant to simply call them novellas since they're really long for novellas) will be available for you eReaders on APRIL 7TH! 


A month after that, on MAY 5TH, another book and another first in a trilogy will be available. BALUSTRADE is my first foray into paranormal erotica. It's got my trademark sarcasm, over-the-top filthiness and and an unsettling mystery.

And here's a bit about Beach Blanket Bloodbath from Goodreads:

In Beach Blanket Bloodbath, Amanda, Wendy and Gil descend on an idyllic seaside village for some rest, relaxation and consumption of cute coastal townsfolk but their plans are derailed when they become embroiled in a mystery at the Miss Sand Flea Pageant involving overtly perky go-go dancers, the inevitable wereshark attack and an annoying octogenarian sleuth/writer.

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