Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Safe With Me by Amy Hatvany

All it took was one instance to change the lives of so many people. One minute Hannah was the mother of a boisterous teenage girl, the next minute all was lost. Hannah consents to donating Emily's organs and learns that one of the recipients is another teen on the brink of death.

Maddie Bell has been sick most of her life. In and out of hospitals, she's never faced the normal ins and outs of being a teen. Then she receives a much needed liver transplant. For the first time, Maddie is healthy and able to do the things normal teens do - like attend school. It may seem like nothing for a girl who's faced death and survived, but Maddie is about to learn how brutal high school can be.

Olivia thought she'd met her prince charming in James Bell but she couldn't have been more wrong. By the time she realized just how bad things could be, though, it was too late. Now that her daughter is out of the woods, Olivia thinks she might finally have a chance to start again.

While Hannah and the Bells are undeniably connected, their meeting seems fateful. Hannah is the only one who suspects that Maddie was one of the people saved by her daughter's organ donation, and she fears the truth may cause the Bells to reconsider her friendship. For someone who's only recently begun to come out of her shell since her loss, Hannah believes their meeting is fortuitous and for Olivia, Hannah may be exactly the friend she needs in her own tough situation.

I've been hearing praise of Amy Hatvany's work every since her debut, Best Kept Secrets, hit shelves in 2011. Any time a ton of my blogger friends are all raving about an author, I feel it's my duty as a reader to see what the fuss is about :)

Hatvany certainly seems to have a knack for building strong and thoughtful characters while also tugging at a reader's heartstrings! Her characters are warm and compelling and the story is issue-y without being overwhelmingly so. (Easy to swallow for someone who may avoid those kinds of reads, in other words.)

Rating: 4/5


Kelly said...

I keep seeing great reviews of this one. I really want to read it because of the whole organ donation aspect. Not many books touch on the subject and it's so close to my heart. Hoping to pick this one up soon!

Lori's Reading Corner said...

This was a fantastic book!