Monday, February 6, 2012

Where's My Bookmark: The Whisperer by Donato Carrisi

One would think that being snowed in almost all weekend would mean finishing a ton of books from the TBR. Nope. In truth, I had all of Friday, almost none of Saturday, and spent over half of Sunday rearranging the bookshelves. Definitely not a waste.

All I needed was one more hour to finish reading The Whisperer, a highly intense and twisted thriller by Donato Carrisi (with more butterfly cover art). Just one more hour! Now I have to wait until my lunch break. Argh!


When a burial site containing six arms is discovered, Goran Gavila's team is called in to investigate. Gavila is a highly trained criminologist and his team of investigators is no doubt the best for the job. They know that the arms belong to a string of missing girls that's been reported in the region. The catch? There are six left arms. They only know of five missing girls. Enter Mila Vasquez, an officer whose specialty is tracking down missing people. Together, they will have to unravel the most disturbing crime of their careers.

It's dark, there are unexpected twists around every corner, and just when you think the author couldn't turn this mystery upside down any more... he does. The Whisperer is really a fabulous read that will keep you (cliche, I know) on the edge of your seat (it's true, though). Carrisi's debut is a very clever premise and one that he takes full advantage of. I like the plot, I love the twists, but I also like really dark reads. The pacing is really quick, too. It's the kind of book that you really don't want to put down, can't wait to get back to, and think about when you're not reading.

The Whisperer has been making its way around the globe and was released here in the States just last month. I know that Carrisi has a second book out or coming out in Italy. I hope we'll be in store for that next as well.

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