Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where's My Bookmark: A Teen Reading Week Book 2

My goal this week is to knock some teen stuff out of the tbr. My hope was that I could do a book a day. And I did start off okay on that trend. At this point, I'm one book behind. Argh! Oh, well.

I started Lauren DeStefano's Fever on Monday and finished it yesterday evening. As with Wither, book one in the Chemical Garden trilogy, I continue to be blown away by DeStefano's storytelling. It's a dystopian series with some really creepy things going on (girls only live to be 20 and guys only live to be 25, girls are frequently sold as wives, servants, or prostitutes, and there are two contingents of people: those who believe there's a cure and those who believe all is lost).

Rhine and Gabriel have escaped. They are on the run from Rhine's father-in-law and searching for her twin, Rowan. As she and Gabriel make their way back to New York, they must face the realities of the world around them - realities that they have both been sheltered from while living in Vaughn's home. Rhine knows Vaughn will never give her up, but if she can move fast enough, maybe she can get beyond his reach.

I am dying to know what will happen in book three. Dying! And since Fever doesn't technically hit shelves until next week, I'll have to wait at least another year -- as will everyone else. At least I know I'm never alone in the anguished anticipation between books in trilogies these days :)

I'm a huge dystopian fan. Huge. I love it. The Chemical Garden series is dystopian and almost post-apocalyptic. No, there's no radiation, bomb, or meteor otherwise causing the Earth's destruction. Rather it's humans causing Earth's destruction. A virus plaguing all of the new generations and causing the crumbling of society. I love the glimpses of this world. Through Rhine's eyes, you see that life goes on. First generations especially continue on as normal as they can - they go out to eat, they go to work, they drive their cars... And while they all live in fear of their children dying and their daughters being kidnapped, they go on. Kind of makes it all that much more disturbing.

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