Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Legacy of Eden by Nelle Davy

You know, you really can't pick your family, but you can be glad that Nelle Davy's fictional creation doesn't belong to you!

Meredith Pincetti left home for college and never turned back. Now, the last heir to her family's estate has passed away and none of the remaining Hathaway descendants wants anything to do with the property. Meredith reluctantly answers the call and travels back to Iowa to pick up the last of her parent's possessions. On the way, she recalls the horrible truths revealed to her about her family. In truth, the Hathaway's reign lasted only three generations, prompted by the cunning efforts of Meredith's grandmother, Lavinia.

The Legacy of Eden unravels in a way that leaves the reader expecting terrible things around every corner. In truth, the revelations aren't all that horrifying until the very end. I'd say that the author uses a sort of southern grace in presenting the things that happen to the Hathaways, but I know the author's not southern. Still, it is reminiscent of a great southern plantation family and their downfall, even if it does take place in Iowa.

The one thing I did wish was that there was more about Meredith herself. As a narrator, she's telling her family story but you don't get much of a sense for her. Lavinia is the closest thing to a main character, but even her tale is told from Meredith's perspective, as told to her by Lavinia and other family members.

The Legacy of Eden is a dark read, but one that is elegantly written. I expect big things from Nelle Davy in the future as a result!

(PS I've got a guest post from Nelle going up on Feb 9 as part of her blog tour for The Legacy of Eden)


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They sent me the final cover, Kay. Looks like Amazon had it right (I do still really like the old one as well).