Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Traveling and Awake

Hi, all! I'm scrambling to get packed and ready for my work trip (and trying to pick books to bring for hotel down time). Packed my emergen-c and hoping this cold doesn't flare up and make me totally miserable. Bleh.

While I'm gone, you should all remember to watch Awake on Thursday (NBC, 10/9 central). I've been pretty excited about this one since I first heard about it. I love Jason Isaacs and the concept sounds interesting -- maybe a little different from the other stuff. We caught the preview and the first episode was pretty good. I'd like it to have a fair shot so I can find out what's going on!

Interestingly, Howard Gordon, executive producer on the show, recently released his second book.

Here's a review in a nutshell for you:

Gideon Davis and his recently pardoned brother discover a plot to take down the top tier of the US government. Unfortunately, the authorities aren't listening. Fortunately, Gideon and Tillman possess the kind of skills one would need to take down a terrorist plot all on their own.

The plot does have some original aspects and the story is fast-paced and interesting. No surprise, but it essentially reads like an episode of a 24-like drama/thriller (Gordon was also producer on that show -- and Keifer Sutherland blurbed the book).

And this is actually the second in the series. I haven't read Gideon's War but didn't have any trouble with Hard Target. It was pretty fun overall. Not sure it's a stand out amongst similar titles, but it was a quick and entertaining read.

See you next week!

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