Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Fades!

If you haven't been watching The Fades on BBC America (that's their ad pic above), you need to remedy it quickly. If you don't have BBC America, then you need to pre order, save in your queue, whatever so that you can immediately begin watching The Fades when it comes out on DVD on Feb 21.

This show is so completely cool! It's teens vs zombies and the coming apocalypse. Not all of the story behind the story has been told as of yet, but there are beings called Angelics and there are Fades. Fades are dead folks who can't ascend. They can't touch, they can't move things, and only certain people can see them (Angelics). But, if they consume flesh, they become corporeal.

Paul is a somewhat nerdy teen who has really vivid nightmares. And he can see the Fades. But he's so much more than that, too. As the Angelics come under attack by now zombiefied Fades, they discover Paul and his abilities. And as more folks are unable to ascend, things start to look pretty bad for Earth. The Angelics believe Paul may be the answer, but how's a teen to cope with saving the world!?

Yeah, synopsis in a nutshell. And if it was a book, The Fades would totally be paranormal YA. What I love about the show -- in addition to the great storyline -- are the characters. Paul and Mac especially. Iain De Caestecker and Daniel Kaluuya do such a great job playing these awkward teens, I believe them and I believe in them. And the show's getting totally crazy!

Agh! Anyway, it's lots of fun and I highly recommend it. I could draw comparison to a slew of other popular US shows to date that if you watched and enjoyed would pretty much guarantee that you'd like The Fades, but I won't. Fact of the matter is, even if you never watched a show like Buffy, you'd probably still like The Fades. My husband does. It's part of Supernatural Saturday and BBC does that so well (Being Human, anyone? So much better than the Syfy version.).

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Ellie said...

I need to finish watching this. A colleague recommended this to me last year and I started watching on iPlayer but decided I'd just get te DVD when it's out. I should go check as it's probably available over here.