Monday, November 8, 2010

A JT Ellison Post

Sometimes I get caught up in my reading only to realize that I'm not totally caught up in posting. Hm. For the record, most everything I read is reviewed first for Bookbitch.com. I also post Shelfari reviews and then a third separate review here. Yep, that's three blurbs per book, unless I poach an old backlist one from the BB archives or, as with the Pre Pub posts, they're publisher's or PW reviews. I think you'll forgive me if I neglect a title here or there, won't you? But as I'm trying to catch up from a couple of months of neglectful posting anyway, I feel I need to make it up to you.

Well, such is the case with one of my favorite must-read authors, JT Ellison. See, back when I started this blog, in Feb of '08, Ellison's series was already running. Her debut, All the Pretty Girls had been out since November of '07 and I think I ended up posting about that title here right around the release date of book two, 14. Apparently, I missed the boat on posting a review of 14 here on the blog, though, because my next post was book three, Judas Kiss, which can be found here.

So to remedy that (because I'm a bit anal), here is my Bookbitch review of 14. Tomorrow I'll review The Cold Room and Wednesday I'll post a review of Ellison's latest entry in the series, The Immortals. It may be a bit unnecessary, since I hope you're all reading this series already (have I mentioned that they're packed with suspense, usually a little shocking, and full of I can't believe it moments where Ellison pushes her characters to the brink and beyond in each new book?!), but it's the least I can do.


Lieutenant Taylor Jackson is just days from walking down the aisle when she’s called to the scene of a gruesome murder. Strangely, the MO resembles that of a serial killer who struck Tennessee in the early 80’s. Dubbed the Snow White Killer thanks to his dark haired, pale skinned victims, and his penchant for smearing bright red lipstick across their faces, he left behind ten victims before apparently throwing in the towel; he was never caught. Has Snow White reemerged after such a long break or are they facing a copycat. Then new evidence is found to support the copycat theory and Jackson and her team are faced with uncovering both of the killers’ identities in order to solve the case. With just two titles released, J.T. Ellison has proven herself to be one of the best new thriller authors out there. Her characters are solid and her plots are refreshingly original - and what a great ending.

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Vickie said...

There are times when I don't think I can write a review for the book I just finished. Sometimes it's the possibility that I'll do a spoiler or I just can't find the words.

I will have to try JT Ellison one day.