Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pre Pub Book Buzz -- Critical Condition by CJ Lyons

November 30 is the official release date for CJ Lyons's final Angel of Mercy installment, Critical Condition. I've been following the series since the beginning, when Lyons made her debut with Lifelines in 2008. I've been a big fan of this series and can't wait to see what Lyons has up her sleeve next! (Rumor has it, she's coauthoring a series with Erin Brockovich.)

Each of the four books follows a different character at Angels of Mercy hospital. Lifelines was Lydia's story, Warning Signs featured Amanda, Urgent Care was Nora's tale, and now it's Gina's turn. Course they're each more ensemble stories than that, but the core part of each book focuses on one character.

Here's a bit more about Critical Condition from the publisher's email:

Critics loved Lifelines, her debut novel which won the Readers’ Choice Award for Best First Novel and appeared on the Barnes and Nobles Bookscan Mass Market bestseller list for a few weeks after its release. Now, CJ returns with CRITICAL CONDITION, the fourth book in her fast-paced and thrilling medical series which follows the intersecting lives of four women who spend one fated night together during a blizzard, with a killer on the loose claiming patients as his next victim…

Trapped within the ER are resident Gina Freeman and her friends: Amanda, a fourth-year medical student on her last night of her PICU rotation, and Nora, an ER charge nurse. Can Gina summon up the courage to face her lies and tell the truth before its too late? Will Gina be able to face the deadly killer before another victim is taken?

CJ is an awesome, awesome person. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Left Coast Crime where Lifelines sold out after her panel. Fortunately, I found a copy at the bookstore on my way home and was able to get it signed : ) You can check out more from CJ at her official site (linked above) and at her new blog, Marketing With Heart.

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