Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Thrilling Series You Can't Miss

In 2007, Mira (an imprint of Harlequin) started their brilliant Summer of the Deadly 7 campaign. I was lucky enough to get to review each of the seven titles and loved them all. One of those authors was JT Ellison whose debut, All the Pretty Girls, truly blew me away. I posted a review on that first title back in August '08 around the time book 2, 14, was being released. Well, it's time again for Mrs. Ellison's latest in the series to hit shelves (came out Dec 30) and I just finished up reading it yesterday. (Reviews for both All the Pretty Girls and 14 can be found in the Bookbitch.com archives). 

In this third installment, Ellison really cuts her heroine no slack at all. In fact, parts of the book were downright frustrating as a bystander! Taylor and her team must face what could be the toughest times ever. 

It begins with Taylor and Baldwin returning from their non-honeymoon in Italy after the events of 14. The Pretender is still on the loose and Baldwin has been called back to the FBI to help out while his boss is on medical leave, or so he says. Turns out there's a professional hit man on the loose who has it out for Baldwin and his superiors aren't too keen on Taylor knowing about it just yet. Meanwhile, back in Nashville, Taylor and team are called in on a homicide that seems pretty clear cut. Corrine Wolff, an upper-class housewife, was found bludgeoned to death while her husband was away for the weekend. Course hubby's return trip is much shorter than expected and Taylor thinks the guy is dead guilty. Then they make some shocking discoveries about the Wolffs' personal lives and all of the sudden the case has shifted directions. Taylor also makes a disturbing discovery of her own after a run-in with a stranger. All of this and more cause trouble for Taylor with her superiors and the media. Judas Kiss will be followed by Edge of Black, due out later this year.

JT Ellison just keeps getting better and better! Taylor Jackson is definitely one of the best new heroines and I love reading about her. The teaser chaps at the end of these books just kill me, though. I'm on edge the entire book and then I get a sneak peek at one that I can't read yet. Ah well, just keeps me itching for more. Anyway, it's still early in the game and you can easily read through the series in a weekend. I highly suggest you do, if you haven't checked her out already, that is!

Readers who enjoy Lisa Jackson, John Sandford (one of Ellison's inspirations), and Brian Freeman will like this series. 

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Cheryl said...

I like this author. I read book three and have the other two on my tbr list. Hope to read soon