Friday, August 29, 2008

Looking for Something New?

Last year I managed to get in on Mira's summer thriller promo. JT Ellison's debut, All the Pretty Girls, just happened to be one of the titles in the box. It was also the last release in the box, hitting shelves in November of last year. Next Tuesday is the official date of the release of 14, the follow-up in the series. You can probably find it on shelves now (I think I just saw it at BN). 

Style-wise, if you're a fan of recent releases like Cody McFadyen's Smoky Barrett series or Chelsea Cain's Sweetheart you should be reading Ellison as well. 

Since All the Pretty Girls is the first in the series, I've decided to make it the focus of my review for this week.  

A ruthless serial killer has been stalking young women in the southeast. Dubbed the Southern Strangler, he has left a grisly trail of dead coeds in his wake. Each girl has had her hands removed, one of which will be found at the following crime scene, and each subsequent victim goes missing the same day the previous victim is found. When the body of the third victim is discovered in Nashville, Lieutenant Taylor Jackson is called to the scene. Her involvement with FBI agent John Baldwin leaves her privy to certain details of the case, even after it leaves her jurisdiction, and leads to a disturbing discovery. The killer has been e-mailing clues to a well-known reporter in the Nashville area – clues that could finally lead to the discovery of his identity. Meanwhile, Jackson has other problems to deal with including a rapist who has recently attacked the lead investigator on the Rainman case. To make matters even worse, there appears to be a leak within the Bureau and there are whispers of corruption amongst Nashville’s finest. Ellison writes like a pro – her details are dead on, her plot is engrossing, and her characters are engaging. This masterful debut is sure to keep readers up all night in suspense.

Look for my review of 14 at www.bookbitch.com next week. 


Cheryl said...

I so need to read this book. I like both Cody McFadyen and Chelsea Cain. You would think I would have already read All the Pretty Girls. Go Figure

Anonymous said...

I have 14 in my TBR pile. Loved ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS. She is a fantastic writer.

Becky LeJeune said...

Cheryl - yes, yes! You must read them. It looks like her debut has a new $4.99 price, too!

J. Kaye - 14 was wonderful! I would seriously bump it up to the top of the pile,

Michele said...

I read All the Pretty Girls a few months ago and LOVED it!! I am excited to read 14!