Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Immortals

Ah, this was to be one of my Halloween reads. With the wedding, though, I ended up on something of a self-imposed reading fast. So much to do, so many people to visit with, and ending just about each night passing out from sheer exhaustion. And so I dove into JT Ellison's fifth Taylor Jackson book last week. And guess what arrived on the doorstep that week as well? Book six! Yep. I'm a lucky girl. So Close the Hand of Death is not due out until March of next year. Consider it a fabulous wedding gift from the publisher (I do)!

With The Immortals, Taylor Jackson is on her own (sans Baldwin, I mean) to solve a multiple homicide on Halloween. Seven teenagers have been brutally murdered and an eighth lies in critical condition after what can only be called a massive ritualistic killing spree. With murmurings of witches and vampires, Taylor is certain there is a more logical solution to such a horrible crime, but the killers have so far evaded capture. Meanwhile, Baldwin is facing a disciplinary hearing regarding a case from 2004 and a secret he's been carrying with him for the past six years.

Ah, JT! The emotional torture she puts Taylor and Baldwin through... And there is something of a cliffhanger ending here. I know from blog posts that Memphis comes back in book seven (from The Cold Room), which is a little teaser to be expecting when I finish reading So Close the Hand of Death now as well. I can only imagine the tension he's going to bring with him. I will have to hold off just a little on diving into book six, but I'm not sure how long I'll be able to resist the pull!

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