Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Been a Dystopian Holiday!

Wow, I'm on a total roll with the dystopian reads of late. First it was Ally Condie's Matched, then Andrea Cremer's Nightshade (not dystopian, but with enough elements in common that I'll lump it in here anyway) and then Hunger Games. Whew!

I know Hunger Games is everywhere right now. My fellow blogger friend Vickie just listed to it on audio this past week as well. The only reason it took me this long is because the Junior Junkies got to it first. I'm usually the one lending books to them.

Unfortunately, they only sent me the first two. Grrr. This means I'll have to wait to finish the trilogy and find out what happens. Til then I have a massive TBR stack to tackle and I can hold more books hostage for them until they send over Mockingjay :)

Hunger Games begins in a future where society has been reduced to thirteen districts and the Capitol. Seventy-four years ago, the districts attempted a rebellion and they've been paying the price ever since. District Thirteen was decimated and the remaining twelve must give up two children each year to compete in The Hunger Games. It's a fight to the death and only one can survive.

For those of you who haven't jumped on the Hunger Gamesbandwagon, track down the books now, before the movie comes out. (You have time, it's slated for 2013.) It's like Running Manmeets Survivor meets Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" -- a totally wild and addicting intense ride.

BTW, I keep ragging on my sister for not sending me the whole trilogy, but I guess I can hold out till Christmas to read it. The curiosity is going to kill me until then, though. I'm dying to know how it'll all end!

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Vickie said...

That's how I felt about HUNGER GAMES, it was Survivor (which I only know from commercials) and Running Man (a guilty pleasure flick) hybrid. It was so good.

Off to look up the other two now...