Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Read Before You Watch

I know by now that most of you have to have seen the trailer for the upcoming Martin Scorsese film based on Dennis Lehane's Shutter Island, but in case you haven't (like my mom) then here's a link for you.

No, go watch it.

Ok, doesn't it look cool??!!

This has been in my TBR stack for a while. I'd read some reviews of the book that really intrigued me. With the movie coming out, the book had moved up the stack but I was starting to think that I wouldn't make time for it before the movie came out (it's set for release in February now).

I do that quite a bit: say that I'm going to read the book before the movie hits and then never get around to it. And this is definitely one, if the movie stays true to the book (which I think Scorsese will) that you'll want to read before you watch. It is ah-mazing.

I've tried Lehane before and I think that Shutter Island is a bit more approachable in style -- or my taste has changed sufficiently since trying him nine years ago that I'm more open to him. Possibly a combination of both. Much of what I've read implies (or flat out states, in some cases) that fans of Lehane's Kenzie & Gennaro series are not as fond of Shutter Island as they are of the series, or of Mystic River for that matter. Regardless, I am here to tell you that Shutter Island is a fast and super edge-of-your-seat thriller/mystery that needs to be on your "To Be Read" list -- before February. Trust me!

I'll save you a synopsis this time around since I want you to watch the trailer -- and that says it all. And I'll give you a little warning, you may be in for more of a thrill ride should you jump into the book without reading other reviews first. I know some people are adamant about this with all of the books that they read, but I like to see what others are saying even if I've already started the book. This is one case where you might feel a bit overly prepared if you seek out reviews, however.

I'll leave it up to you.

If you want to try before you buy, HarperCollins does have a pretty lengthy excerpt up here. It didn't take me but a few pages to become completely engrossed.

For more on Lehane and his other works. Visit his site at www.dennislehanebooks.com. And, if you want to read some reviews, mine is up at bookbitch.com under Latest Reviews this week. You can also find the review from The Bookbitch herself in the BB archives (this is the main one that convinced me to read it).


Lori said...

I just got this book from PBS yesterday! It looks great! And I saw the trailer at Paranormal Activity and it looks great too!

Unknown said...

I have seen the trailer for this one! Shawn and I saw it the other day both remarking how we would be willing to overlook Dicaprio. :) I'm going to get the book this weekend, got a coupon in the mail. Heehee.