Monday, November 16, 2009

I am Under the Dome!

I'm writing this Saturday evening as I take my first break from the so far totally amazing monstrosity that is Stephen King's latest masterpiece (hopefully, and he's not upset me yet in my 14 years of reading him) Under the Dome.

I was talking to my little sister and she was making fun of me (actually, she called me pathetic, how freaking mean from a 15 year old) for being in a reading slump thanks to my anticipation of the arrival of UTD. See, I have one major issue with King: he's like crack! Anytime I start reading him, all I want to continue reading is him. And anytime I know that a new one is coming out, I start to get all antsy and realize that nothing else hits the spot until I can get my grubby little hands on the new book.

And it happened, as usual, with this one. I pre-ordered, knowing full and well that it wouldn't arrive on the release date with shipping time. But I was ok with that until this afternoon. Here it is, Saturday and my book was still not set to arrive until the end of next week. And with it right within my reach at the bookstores.

I purposely passed up the display yesterday when I hit the store for early Christmas gifts, not even pausing to look at it since I knew mine was already paid for and in transit. But today was nasty out. I mean gray and cold and snowy off and on. Nasty. I'd watched a movie, watched and immediately rejected a second movie, and settled on watching The Mist while curling up in bed with the kitties, having spent much wasted time contemplating over my TBR stacks and NOT COMING TO ANY DECISION! Why, because I stubbornly wanted to read the new Stephen King, and only the new Stephen King (oh, trust me, Sue Grafton is next!).

I told my sister of my issue, and she laughed at me and told me to get over it (in addition to the whole pathetic thing), even though she said she understood where I was coming from, too. Hmm. Little hypocrite.

Anyway, the mailman had come and gone and I was disappointed that the book was not waiting on my doorstep when he left. But, we have a walking mailman and I'm guessing the behemoth was too much for him to carry on his route. At roughly 4:30, a thump, the dog going mad, and the doorbell. Yay! It was here!

I held off long enough to finish out the final 30 min of the movie and then tore in. Now, supper eaten and a phone call to check on Mike (out snowboarding and now stuck in traffic on the way home), I'm roughly 100 pages in and LOVING IT!

I'm predicting that it will not take me my self-imposed allotment of 1 week to finish considering my whole "vacation" status right now. I may have to forgo my bathtub reading with this one, however. (Don't laugh at me too hard over that one, I am a human ice cube and have to defrost regularly.) I did manage with The Stand back in freshman year of high school, but I was little less tightly wound back then and didn't mind hefting a book of its size. I'm too nervous about potentially losing feeling in my wrist and dropping my investment in the water this time around.

Alright. I'm back to reading now. I'll keep you posted (and we'll see if I can get most of it wrapped before you read this on Monday, shall we?).


Jenn's Bookshelves said...

I have my copy in hand as well. I must make time to read it! Perhaps over the Thanksgiving holiday. If I can't do it then, I'll have to wait til we take a road trip to my parents for Christmas. I hope I can get to it sooner than later!

Cheryl said...

Not pathetic when you have a favorite author that you can't wait to get your hands on their latest book.

I may have to try this book. I have not read many by Mr. King and he is hit and miss with me.