Thursday, November 19, 2009


Man, Under the Dome was like a marathon in written word. And I loved it!

This 1,074 monstrosity really moves like you'd never believe. I don't think many, once starting the behemoth that is, would have a problem finishing it in less time than they imagine. It took me 5 days start to finish (about 4 days of dedicated reading -- I took Monday off to read my sister's Christmas present, but don't tell her).

In scope, the story probably goes in the categories with The Stand (for story heft) and Needful Things (for sheer size of cast, although I think UTD has more characters than Needful Things). There are some other similarities with those other two, and that's the human element. Something King does well, but all three of these stories share the aspect that pits townspeople/community against one another in a desperate situation.

As usual, I highly recommend the latest King. It didn't not disappoint, not that I expected it to. I'm thinking if the story hadn't moved so fast, I would have liked a little more time to savor it. Not sure when King will have a new book out, but happily, his website states that he has an idea for a new Dark Tower book. Sweetness! Either way, you might want to make Under the Dome last, but I really dare you to try.

And I'm off to the next read. What it will be, I haven't decided yet. This enforced vacation has been really nice in knocking out books, though. Since Friday, I've finished 4 and that's counting Under the Dome. Total page count of all the books, that's an average of 354 pages a day. Not too shabby, but I can do better!

A week and a few days to go before I begin work. We'll see what I can get read in that time, shall we? Off to catch up on some movies first, though.

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