Friday, November 13, 2009

Just Because They Can

... doesn't always mean that they should, but I think in this case, I'm cool with it.

What am I talking about? Hollywood's penchant for remakes these days. Sure, I wish that they would release more original work, or at least there are plenty of adaptations that can be made that aren't remakes of something else.

I'm not happy at all about Nightmare on Elm Street, although I will be seeing it. I don't think it warranted a remake since the original is still pretty cool. Other recent remakes in the horror genre have not been my cup of tea -- My Bloody Valentine (not made cooler by 3-d folks) and Friday the 13th (which just as easily could have been # infinity in the franchise). And don't get me started on Rob Zombie's Halloween movies. I love the originals.

But there are a couple of remakes coming out that I am pretty psyched about. One of them is the upcoming Wolfman starring Anthony Hopkins and Benecio del Toro. It looks fantastic. I am super stoked about this one because I really don't think that werewolves are getting enough respect these days. And how much more respect can you give them than to have Sir Anthony Hopkins and yummy Benecio del Toro?

The other remake that I'm kind of excited about (I have fond childhood memories of the original but even I have to admit that new special effects are going to be a great benefit to the tale) is Clash of the Titans. You can compare them yourselves, here's a link to the 1981 trailer for the film starring Harry Hamlin as Perseus, and here is the admittedly super cool trailer for the 2010 adaptation starring *sigh* Sam Worthington as Perseus. I mean, how can a girl argue with a remake starring Sam Worthington? It's just not possible to complain about that.

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Vickie said...

Well heck! I'll be seeing Clash of the Titans remake. I adore the original as one of my guilty pleasure flicks.
Wolfman will likely be a go-see, too.