Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Time Garden and The Time Chamber by Daria Song

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now, and understandably so - they're fun! I first caught wind earlier this year with an article about Johanna Basford's books, which, at the time, were impossible to get your hands on. Trust me, I know. I ordered two to keep me occupied while hubs was out of town on a shoot but my copies were backordered for two months!

Anywho, that seems to have been remedied now with Basford's books and plenty of others literally everywhere you go. And now that I'm sure many of you have gift certificates burning holes in your pockets (is that just me?) you might be considering snatching up one or two for yourself. From patterns and pop culture to fantasy and more, there's definitely something for everyone.

Daria Song's The Time Garden and The Time Chamber both released this fall and are absolutely gorgeous options. Like the Basford books, they feature beautiful and fantastical illustrations perfect for someone looking to spend some time coloring in a land of whimsy.

The interesting thing about Song's books is that they do feature a bit of a story, each is subtitled (appropriately) A Magical Journey and Coloring Book and A Magical Story and Coloring Book. It begins with The Time Garden and a magical clock that transforms a young girl's world into something quite magical. The tale continues in The Time Chamber, with the red haired fairy who lives inside the clock and her exploration of the outside world.

The illustrations are richly detailed and quite intricate - these aren't quick coloring adventures for the most part, I find it takes me quite a bit of time to get a scene finished to my satisfaction.

But that also means that with each book there are HOURS of coloring time :)

Sample images courtesy of the publisher

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