Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Shelf Control: The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick

It's Wednesday and that means it's time for a Shelf Control post!

Shelf Control is a weekly meme hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies, giving book junkies like me a chance to highlight some of the lingering titles in our TBR stacks!

Title: The Man in the High Castle
Author: Philip K. Dick
Published: 1962
Length: 274 pages

What it's about (from Goodreads):

It's America in 1962. Slavery is legal once again. The few Jews who still survive hide under assumed names. In San Francisco, the I Chingis as common as the Yellow Pages. All because some twenty years earlier the United States lost a war—and is now occupied by Nazi Germany and Japan.

This harrowing, Hugo Award-winning novel is the work that established Philip K. Dick as an innovator in science fiction while breaking the barrier between science fiction and the serious novel of ideas. In it Dick offers a haunting vision of history as a nightmare from which it may just be possible to wake.

How I got it:

Mike and I went to San Diego this past January, which meant I absolutely had to check out Mysterious Galaxy. I let myself buy two books while I was there (and one more book at a bookstore near our hotel) and this was one of them. 

When I got it:

January of this year.

Why I want to read it:

While I've vowed to try and fit more science fiction into my reading these past few years, I've not succeeded as much as I'd hoped. We already have some PKD titles in the house, including Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (which I now realize SHOULD have been my Shelf Control title because I've had it since high school!) but after watching the pilot for the Amazon show based on The Man in the High Castle, I was determined to read the book before continuing. At the time that would have been easy considering the show wasn't going to continue until this fall. I've yet to actually continue the show because I'm still trying to get to the book :/ 

(Of the three books I bought while in San Deigo - The Man in the High Castle, Alien: Out of the Shadows, and Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell - I've only actually read one so far. Alien.)


Jennifer | Book Den said...

I definitely need to read more Philip K. Dick, too. I love that you picked this over the one you've had since high school. Haha. :)

Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies said...

I just read this one! I picked it up after watching the Amazon series, which was excellent. I loved Do Androids Dream... as well. Great choice!