Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sick, Twisted, and Brilliant

Scott Sigler is utterly fantastic. I say this because he absolutely grosses me out and makes my skin crawl and keeps me coming back for more! Sigler hit it big after giving away his books online. Yep, he gave them away to readers for free. He had so many freaking hits that the publishing company took notice and signed the man. Whoo-hoo! Great for Scott and great for the rest of us who hadn't yet discovered him. 

When Infected, the first book in his current series hit shelves in April, I was totally stoked. I had an arc and reviewed it here as well as at Bookbitch.com, urging you all to go out and read it. Well now it's time  (past time actually but I was on vacation) to head out to your local bookstore and buy the next book in the series, and get all grossed out again!

Contagious is the next step in the alien invasion. After Perry Dawsey (spoilers) survives his horrific ordeal in Infected, he's left with the ability to hear the triangles and their plans. He works with the government to help discover new gate locations and in turn "helps" the latest victims by killing them and ending their misery. Too bad, the government had hoped they could get an infected person alive so that they could study the creatures, I mean so they could cure the infected. Too bad Perry knows what these people have to go through in order for that to happen. Course his bad attitude and his problems with authority are quickly getting under his superiors' skins. Then something changes. The virus mutates and these new infected bring about something altogether different. Will Perry be enough to stop it? And just what is trying to come through the gate? 

Bloody, gruesome, gory and still a fantastic blend of horror, medical thriller, and sci-fi thriller, Contagious is great for anyone (with a strong stomach) looking for a standout novel this winter. 

Readers who enjoyed Tess Gerritsen's Gravity and Richard Preston's Hot Zone will love Sigler. 

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Kelly said...

Dang--how'd I miss out on this author? Sounds great and I can't wait to read his stuff!