Friday, January 9, 2009

Rardin Does it Again

So today (Thursday) I finished reading, One More Bite, the fifth installment to Jennifer Rardin's fab Jaz Parks series. I love urban fantasy, especially when there's a mystery element. A fellow shelfari reader commenting on her eclectic reading tastes pointed out that most of what she reads falls under the mystery "umbrella" even if it is sci-fi, fantasy, whatever. I have to admit that I pretty much follow this reading standard as well. I like for there to be something in the book to keep me on edge and keep me wondering until the end. It doesn't have to be a murder, sometimes it's a family secret or something along those lines, but there's usually at least a little of it in most of what I read. 

I can say that virtually every urban fantasy that I have come across has a mystery element to it. If you can name one that doesn't, please let me know. Anyway, when I read the first Jennifer Rardin title, I was blown away. Not only is there a bit of a mystery element to them, but they're pretty much spy novels. When book four came out, I posted this regarding a tag on the promo card that came with my copy in which someone had dubbed the series Spy-Fi. I still think it's absolutely brilliant. 

In this latest installment (no spoilers for the others, so don't worry), Jaz and team are sent to Scotland to protect a coven leader who has a hit put out on her by a group of weres. When Jaz and Vayle and Cole arrive, with Jaz's annoying father in tow, they discover that said witch has a bit of a ghost problem on top of everything else. Not only that, but the witch seems to have some tricks of her own up her sleeve and Jaz is bound and determined to find out what it is, even if it directly conflicts with the official orders. 

Each new book brings new revelations about each of the characters. I dare you to read them and not completely fall in love with the series. I like them that much!

Readers who like Kim Harrison and even Charlaine Harris will like this series. Jaz is spunky and has some issues (she talks to her dead grandmother who lives in her head) and the books are actually pretty funny. Rardin's also great at throwing in pop culture references that I always get a kick out of (I lurve Simon Pegg and Hot Fuzz!).

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Cheryl said...

I have not read this series but I have been eyeing it for a while. I will check it out soon