Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We all hope it won't come to this!

In keeping with my bleak and creepily timely theme, (see yesterday's post) I thought this was a great time to recommend R. Scott Reiss's Black Monday. Next time you hit the pumps, just remember this - at least there's still some gas to fill up with!

Here's my review from the Bookbitch's archive (yep, it's a treasure trove of book recs!):

When a microbe infects the world’s oil supply, one analyst predicts that we will have just 50 days to discover the cause and rectify the situation or there will be no turning back. Greg Gillette finds himself racing against time to discover the source of the microbe and, if possible, a way to reverse the effects. The U.S. quickly degenerates as food supplies and other resources become scarce and people turn against one another in an attempt to save themselves. Neighbors begin looting and even killing as they fight to survive. Martial law becomes the norm and death is the punishment for even crimes such as looting. As a doctor with the CDC, Greg believes the “outbreak” should be treated the same as any other. His superiors do not agree and Greg is forced to try and solve this thing on his own. This timely and creepy debut is guaranteed to keep you up all night - a definite must-read for any thriller fan.

Yikes! Again, not the typical post apocalyptic novel - no nuclear bombs, but germ warfare directed at one of our most important resources! It gave me chills to read this one people. Quite disturbing how people turn on each other in Reiss's debut. This one hit shelves last February and is not available in paperback just yet, not sure why. It's worth the read either way, though!


Cheryl said...

Ohh this sounds creepy. I will have to read this one

Anonymous said...

It is a super creepy book! Good one to highlight. :)