Monday, August 4, 2008

A Must Read for Psychological Suspense Fans

So Saturday I finished reading Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse. I did run out and buy Breaking Dawn, but I had to take a break and devote some time to my reviews. Sunday I wrapped up reading Lisa Black's debut, Takeover, and Amy MacKinnon's debut, Tethered.

Tethered was fantastic. I'll talk more about it later, but in the meantime I wanted to talk about another debut, this one from a few years ago. Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects was quite unlike anything else I have read in style and tone, Tethered is the first time that I have come across anything else like it, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to recommend Sharp. The book is out in paperback, and if you have plenty of time to grab a copy before Tethered comes out next Tuesday. Here's my review from Bookbitch.com:

When a little girl goes missing in Wind Gap, Missouri, townspeople can't help but be reminded of disappearance of another young girl just one year ago. The first girl was found strangled with all her teeth missing. Camille Preaker, reporter for the Chicago Daily Post is sent to cover the story. She's perfect for the job, seeing as how she grew up in Wind Gap. It's been eight years since Camille last returned home, and for good reason. On her second day, Camille herself discovers the body of the missing child, propped up against a building. Again, all the teeth have been removed. Camille is unwillingly thrown into the investigation when her editor requests that she follow the story through to its chilling conclusion. What she will discover will reveal even more troubling secrets about her own past and threaten her own sanity. This is a shocking and brutal mystery - like a train wreck that you just can't turn away from. I loved everything about it. Really a magnificent read.

Again, I'll have more on Tethered later, and will be reviewing it this weekend for the BB. Both titles are very dark. They both deal with issues of abuse, but it's bearable even for a sensitive reader like me, and both main characters deal with their own emotional scars. Overall, Sharp Objects and Tethered are haunting and emotional reads. Highly recommended!


Icedream said...

Great recommendation on Sharp Objects. I thought it was great! So now I am anxiously awaiting your review of Thethered :D

Jenn said...

Both books look great! I obtained a copy of Sharp Objects from the when it came out but had to return it. I'll be on the lookout for both now!

Cheryl said...

I will have to check this author out.