Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Movie Post

I went to see Mirrors this weekend and left with mixed feelings. First off, I don't want to give a synopsis, but I will give you a brief one in a minute. I was pleasantly surprised that the previews themselves gave absolutely nothing away about this movie. I've complained about this issue before, and I can't understand why trailers are still cut in such a way that you get to see the whole gist of the movie in 2 minutes. I want just enough to convince me to see it and nothing more. That's what the trailer for Mirrors does. 

In the trailer, you see that something in the mirrors is plaguing Keifer Sutherland's family. That's all. What you don't see is that his house really has nothing to do with it. My impression was something like: Oh, family moves into new house and there's some ghost or something in the mirrors. Nope. 

Keifer plays Ben Carson, a cop with some issues and currently on leave. In the first few minutes of the movie, a security guard is killed in a building. Ben Carson then obtains a job at said building and this is when the crazy stuff starts to happen. That's all I'll tell you.

I loved most of the movie. I thought, wow, this could quite possibly be the best kept secret of this summer's movie madness. The revelation in the end, however, left a bit to be desired, for me. This should in no way deter anyone from seeing it. I won't explain exactly what it was that turned me off, but I will say that it's been an issue for me with some fairly popular (hell, the MOST popular) horror movies in the past. It's just a subject matter that leaves me open to more questions and unless there's a sequel/prequel in the works, I like to have my paranormal horror explained to my satisfaction. However, seeing as how the topic in question is quite popular with other horror moviegoers, realize that this just one of my quirks and if you're a horror fan I think you'll thoroughly enjoy this one. 

Effects are great, creepiness level is way up there, and there are plenty of jump out of your seat moments. The end is fabulous and unsettling as well!


Anonymous said...

I have MIRRORS placed on Blockbusters. I don't like to see horror on big screen...lol!

Cheryl said...

Hum, now you have me more interested in what goes on in this movie